Izipizi Sunglasses Shape Guide

IZIPIZI SUNGLASSES SHAPE GUIDE                                               

Round faces - You have two options: To sharpen and lengthen your face, opt for square or trapezium-shaped models like #C or #E. Or, to highlight soft features, go for a model like #D.                                                                                                       

Square Faces - To soften your features, nothing does the job better than frames like #D. To make the most of your face’s angles, go for a slightly more angular model like the #C.                                                                                                                           

Oval Faces - All these models will suit your face shape! Opt for round frames like #D to highlight your features, or trapezium models like #E for a bolder look.         

Triangle Faces - Opt for any type of oversize model or trapezium style to highlight your features like model #E