Established in Tokyo, Japan, in 1947, EDWIN (whose company name comes from a creative rearrangement of the letters found in the word "denim") is a progressive denim brand that blends their Japanese background, craftsmanship and expertise with a European contemporary flavour, vision and attitude. Originally importing jeans from the United States, as there were no manufacturers in Japan at that time, by 1961, the brand was manufacturing its own denim inspired by a growing demand. By the 1970s, EDWIN had established itself as a pioneer in denim manufacturing, experimenting with wash techniques that impacted denim wash processes around the globe.

      While other denim brands looked to new methods of production EDWIN revived the older production techniques and continues to set the gold standard in Japanese denim production, priding itself on the use of exclusive fabrics, revolutionary production technologies, state-of-the-art finishing and advancements in design and fit. Known for their Raw Denim - denim that has not undergone any washing or distressing processes, leaving it stiff and full of deep-blue indigo dye which in time, and after many wears and washes, allows the fabric to fade, and the fit to become unique to the wearer.

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