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      These nylon paracord bootlaces are THE STRONGEST Paracord bootlaces on the market. The paracord features 7 inner cores, and an outer sheath adding up to 500lbs breaking strength. Sourced from a military manufacturer this paracord has stood the test of time from the extreme cold winters in the mountains of Alaska, to the desert heat in Afghanistan, and the toughest worksites, from construction, welding, metal foundries, and oilfields. These boot laces will hold up to any abuse you put them through, and outlast the most extreme conditions. These laces are not mass produced on a machine or outsourced to a factory, every pair is measured, cut, and made by hand. Know that your boot laces will never fail you again - you can rest assured this will be the last time you ever have to change your laces (unless you decide on a new colour!)

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