Since 1982 Gramicci has been making functional clothing for life in the great outdoors. Originally built for movement, it all started in California in the 1970s, when a new generation of free-spirited rock-climbers known as the Stonemasters took residency at Yosemite National Park, pioneering a new way of climbing with a strong focus on speed and style. These new methods required a new uniform where more flexibility was needed. Mike Graham, a Stonemaster with a keen eye for design, set about creating the first true climbing shorts. A diamond-shaped gusset was added to the crotch for full 180 degree flexibility, hard-wearing canvas kept things sturdy when the going got tough. To keep the shorts secure, a nylon webbing belt was integrated into the waist. Taking cues from backpack straps, this feature allowed the shorts to be adjusted with one hand. After the shorts came trousers and word of these seemingly-indestructible pants - dubbed the G-Pants - soon spread. Fast forward to today, over 40 years since the first pair of Gramicci shorts were sewn together in Mike Graham’s garage, the song remains the same - it is hard-wearing, functional clothing, designed with movement firmly in mind, although Gramicci clothing works whether you are on a backpacking trail in the hills or wandering into town.

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